We say with pride that we are the most quality-conscious manufacturing unit with state of the art processing facilities. We are the first corporate in pink salt business to manifest traceability from mine to stable/table, thus showing how quality edible salt turns out from the salt mine. We run an autonomous manufacturing plant and employ an amazing production team.Here is an insight into our workflow which makes our product unassailable.

Mining Stage

This is our main strength, we use a very strict multi-stage selection process which is carried out by trained practitioners who only retain the best 3% of the salt.

Production Stage

In our manufacturing plant we use pioneering machinery and strict production protocol in order to pursue top standard in the whole manufacturing process.
We have successfully adopted the most strict quality control protocol in the entire production process. We are proudly accredited with certifications of HACCP, GMP, FSSC, KOSHER etc. Every one of them is an important authority in food production in the food industry.
We are the first to apply ULTRASONIC-TECH and RO purified water in the cleaning of pink salt. Furthermore, all facilities fulfill EU and USA food standards. The use of an ultrasonic cleaning line for washing salt makes sure salt retains its natural state while purifying it completely. The rigorously chosen salt subjected to cleaning by ULTRASONIC-TECH and RO purified water is then processed into the final product (lick/ lamp/ tile/ edible salt) using precise instruments. After production, the salt goes through metal detection and optical selection processes and is then sent to packaging before turning into an exquisite final salt product.

Packaging and Transportation

We have the capacity to package our products according to our customers’ requirements. Our preference is to transport the products in pallets as this ensures quality ease of transport. We have utmost confidence from our vast experience that the products required by our clientele will reach them safe and sound, anywhere in the globe.

These may seem like just words before someone experiences our quality but our clients quickly learn that we do not compromise on even the most infinitesimal detail. Our ropes, cartons, plastic, and electronics all exude quality. The materials are all best quality food grade as exhibited by our certifications.