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We are the only corporate operating in this industry. We start from the hand selection of the finest quality salt, then we completely cleanse it from impurities with Fresh Spring Water. It is then dried in a temperature-controlled environment, before being processed in our state of the art processing plant. After that we re-sort the salt for the total elimination of any foreign particles as a final check. It helps us improve the uniformity of size, color, flow and appearance before packing it. Our storage rooms are well-ventilated and all the stacking is done on pallets. We guarantee you unmatched quality and service. Our dedication to work is unmatched.

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Animal Shape Lamp
Crafted  Lamp
Geometrical Shape Lamp
Benefits Of Our Products
Improves Sleep
Improves Breathing
Reduce Allergy Symptoms
Increase Energy
Purifies Air
decreases Stress
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We proudly introduce ourselves as the only HACCP, NON-GMO, KOSHER, GMP, FSSC, & FDA (USA) Approved Manufacturer.We are currently exporting to more than twenty-nine countries spanning six Continents. We have been honored to be on the vendors’ list for the United Nations. We say with pride that we are the most quality-conscious manufacturing unit with the most state of the art processing facilities, we are the first corporate in pink salt business to manifest trace-ability from mine to stable/table, and thus show how quality edible salt turns out from the salt mine.
We run an autonomous manufacturing plant and operate a production team, with an aim to serve worldwide customers with natural and healthy quality salt. In our manufacturing plant, we use pioneering machinery and strict production protocol in order to pursue the top standards in the whole manufacturing process. We have successfully adopted the most strict quality control protocols in the entire production process, with an aim to provide our customers with an unmatched product and real value for money. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our customers & excel in quality through continuous improvement. I would like to use this platform to welcome you onboard and wish for a long journey of mutual benefit.